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Best Practices For Selecting A Mediator, Certified Mediators In Florida

How to Select the Right Mediator – A Guide for Attorneys in Florida

As an attorney in Florida, selecting the right mediator can significantly impact your case's outcome. This guide outlines key considerations, including mediation training, certification, experience, ethical standards, and professional recommendations, to help you choose the most suitable mediator for your legal needs.
How To Prepare Your Clients For Mediation

How to Prepare Your Clients for Mediation

Prepare for mediation with these strategies for legal professionals. Equip clients with tools to navigate mediation confidently, select the right mediator, and manage expectations. Contact Bullard Law to schedule your mediation.
Mediation In Florida

The History of Mediation in Florida

Explore the rich history and evolution of mediation in Florida, from its roots in 1975 to becoming a leading court-connected program in the U.S. Discover key legislative milestones, the role of the Florida Dispute Resolution Center, and efforts for statewide mediation accessibility. For expert mediation and arbitration services in Florida, contact Bullard Law to resolve your legal disputes efficiently and amicably.