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Wills, Estate Planning and Elder Law

Bullard Law specializes in all aspects of estate planning, wills, and elder law, including Last Will & Testament, Living Will, Power of Attorney, Revocable Trusts, Mobile Signing Team, and all other wills and estate planning needs.

  • Last Will & Testament
  • Trusts
  • Living Will
  • Power of Attorney
  • Revocable Trusts
  • Mobile Signing Team
  • All other wills and estate planning needs
  • Elder Law
  • Probate
  • Guardianship of:
    Minor Children
    Disabled Children/Adults
    Aging Loved Ones
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Home - Bullard Law - Florida - Business Law

Business Law

Bullard Law has the knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive legal representation and guidance to small and medium-sized businesses in a number of business-related areas.

  • Business Formation/Startup
  • Employment Agreements
  • Trademarks
  • Litigation
  • Individual and Corporate Asset Protection
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Home - Bullard Law - Florida - Debt Collection


Bullard Law specializes in Debt Collection and Negotiation; from locating assets of debtors to garnishments, debt negotiation and replevin/levy, Ms. Bullard goes to work for businesses and individuals to collect the monies owed to them.

  • Debt Collection:
    Accounts Receivable
    Judgment Enforcement/Execution
  • Civil/Business Litigation:
    Business Owners
    Creditors Rights/Bankruptcy
  • Policy Compliance and Enforcement
  • Garnishment/Levy/Replevin


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Home - Bullard Law - Florida - Wills And Estate Planning

Real Estate

Bullard Law represents individuals and corporate entities in matters of Real Estate including contract preparation and examination, easement/access issues, leases, landlord evictions, and purchase/sale agreements.

  • Purchase and Sales Contracts
  • Landlord Representation in Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Commercial and Residential Leases and Contracts
  • Brokerage Disputes


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Mediation & Arbitration - Orlando Law Firm

Mediation and Arbitration

At Bullard Law, we specialize in resolving legal disputes through mediation and arbitration. Our goal is simple: to help parties find swift and amicable solutions without the need for prolonged courtroom battles.

  • Case Evaluation: Comprehensive assessment of the legal and factual issues involved in the dispute to determine the most appropriate resolution strategy.
  • Mediation Sessions: Facilitated negotiations and discussions aimed at reaching mutually acceptable agreements between the parties.
  • Arbitration Hearings: Impartial adjudication of disputes through formal hearings, where parties present evidence and arguments before a neutral arbitrator.
  • Settlement Agreements: Drafting and finalizing legally binding settlement agreements reflecting the terms agreed upon by the parties.


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Very responsive, considerate and highly skilled.

Lynn T
Rating: 5

She’s great. Very caring and plugged in. Highly recommended.

Maria S.
Rating: 5

Very impressed.

Bea J.
Rating: 5

Knowledge and communication are top notch at Bullard Law. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and family.

Stephanie Q.
Rating: 5

After moving here from California, we needed to have all of our legal affairs changed to meet Florida standards. Cesery took us by the hand and we redid everything that we needed to face any consequence that may happen in our lives from now on. Thank you Cesery for such a wonderful job I highly recommend your firm.

Dave W.
Rating: 5

After receiving considerable damage to my roof in 2016, I made the costly mistake of dealing with my insurance carrier on my own. When additional storm damage came five years later, and caused water damage to my home’s interior, my insurance once again told me that there was no extensive damage, and that I should cover the repairs out of my own pocket. Fortunately, I decided to contact Bullard Law on the second go around. Our attorney, Cesery Bullard, navigated us through damage appraisals, multiple mediations, and ultimately a successful trip to court. We were very happy with the manner in which Ms. Bullard and her staff handled our case, and took the burden of dealing with the insurance company off of my family’s back!

John C.
Rating: 5

We cannot say enough good things about Cesery Bullard and her team at Bullard Law! Our firm has numerous opportunities to refer people to other law firms for matters outside of our areas of practice or when there is another reason we cannot take on a particular matter.

While we have many attorneys to whom we can refer, Bullard Law is at the top of our list, as when we send our own clients, family, and friends to Bullard Law, we know they are in the hands of smart, capable, and tough legal counsel who will handle their matters with graceful skill and care.

Diana S.
Rating: 5

Excellent litigator. Very knowledgeable in debt collection, business law, real estate, and estate planning.

Kelsey K.
Rating: 5

Cesery has always been quick to respond and has provided high level service. I highly recommend.

Rendfrey G.
Rating: 5

If you are a company and need a debt collection attorney, look no further. Responsive and gets the job done in a timely and correct manner.

Eunice C.
Rating: 5

Being involved in the legal field myself, I never expected to need to hire an outside attorney. Needless to say that my expectations were very high. During the first initial consultation with Ms. Bullard, I was able to determine very quickly that she was extremely knowledgeable in cases that involved businesses, corporations, and contract disputes. Ms. Bullard and her team fought for me and they were able to resolve my case timely and beyond my expectations. Thanks to Bullard Law, I have recovered my peace of mind and can now concentrate in other personal and professional priorities. Thank you Bullard Team.

Gonzalez A.
Rating: 5

Managing a business is hard. Its harder when people do not want to pay you for services they received. We do not have the time to chase clients for monies owed. I was referred to Attorney Bullard by another attorney in the area. Our case was complicated because it involved a six digit Post-Judgment Collection against another business for breach of contract. Not only did Attorney Bullard recoup our monies, she also revamped our business Contract to protect us in our future business projects. We now consult any future changes with her before making final decisions. We highly recommend Attorney Bullard.

Oreo K.
Rating: 5

Bullard Law helped me recover monies I was owed. I hired her to collect unpaid debts from customers. Ms. Bullard was thorough and professional. She is an excellent negotiator and got the job done. I highly recommend her and her firm.

Marie C.
Rating: 5

That phrase “More Money, More Problems” is true. I opened a business with somebody who I considered family, sadly that turn out to be the biggest mistake of my life. Everything was going well until we started making a lot of money. All of the sudden, my business partner got greedy and decided he no longer wanted me to be part of the business. Luckily, one of my clients that had gone through a similar problem referred me to Bullard Law. I hired them immediately after the first telephone conference and they were able to resolve my case in short time. God Bless Bullard Law.

Marrero M.
Rating: 5

Having had the opportunity to work with Ms. Bullard on a professional level as a fellow attorney I find her to not only be competent and professional, but someone who strives for the best results for her clients and takes that extra step to ensure it happens. I have referred clients to her for debt related legal matters including collections and for other legal matters related to business and asset protection and have come to trust her guidance on these issues immensely.

Jess S.
Rating: 5

I am not one to post reviews, but this one just had to be done. I am impressed with the excellent customer service and how knowledgeable she is. Ms. Bullard is just what I wanted and needed, an honest, trustworthy, and bottom-line attorney who would fight for me, my family and my business.

Greg L.
Rating: 5

I have been with Bullard Law for a few years now. Great customer service and communication which is key for me!

Matthew M.
Rating: 5

Ms. Bullard does a great job helping me with all my business’s legal matters.

Annie G.
Rating: 5

Excellent legal services. Worth every cent. Will highly recommend.

LouisRamon V.
Rating: 5

Honest, dependable and trustworthy law firm. I highly recommend.

Ernesto L.
Rating: 5

She’s great. Very caring and plugged in. Highly recommended.

Maria S.
Rating: 5

Very professional and always responds quickly. Top notch.

Gary J.
Rating: 5