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Self-Will Package Purchase

Self-Will Package - After Filling In The Form Below You Will Be Redirected To The Payment Page

    I understand that this Will is only valid in Florida.*

    I understand and agree to the Self Help Will Disclaimer that is below this form and found on the first page of the Self Help Will Package.*

    I understand that purchasing this Will package does not create an attorney-client relationship with Bullard Law or any of its attorneys.*

    I understand that the Self Help Will Package DOES NOT include a Trust and does not offer the protections and benefits of a Trust.*

    Self-Help Will Document Disclaimer
    Thank you for choosing Bullard Law to assist you with obtaining your Last Will and Testament. We want to make sure that you are fully informed regarding the nature of this service. By engaging in our self-help will document service, you acknowledge and agree to the following: The self-help will document is a fillable form solely designed for your use. Your use of the fillable will form does not constitute the establishment of an attorney-client relationship. This service does not include any additional Estate Planning services. Additionally, THIS SERVICE DOES NOT INCLUDE ONGOING LEGAL ADVICE OR REPRESENTATION. Should you desire or require further legal assistance or advice beyond the will document, Bullard Law is available to provide tailored services, separately, and for an additional fee. Estate planning may implicate both state and federal laws, and estate planning needs differ based on your personal circumstances and applicable law. While Bullard Law strives to ensure accuracy and completeness, we cannot guarantee the adequacy of the will document for your specific circumstances. Please note that Bullard Law will not provide advice, clarification, or opinion regarding any potential tax issues, legal matters, or other matters resulting from the use of the self help will document provided by Bullard Law. Further, Bullard Law will not review any part of your will document for completeness, spelling, or consistency. Additionally, Bullard Law will not provide advice, clarification, or opinion regarding your particular circumstances, and will not apply legal, tax or accounting expertise tailored to your circumstances. Consequently, it is your responsibility to review the will document thoroughly and ensure its compliance with your intentions as well as applicable laws. Execution and witnessing of the will are not included in this service. Therefore, it is imperative that you adhere to all legal requirements for the execution of your will in your jurisdiction. By using our one-time service to create your Last Will and Testament, you understand and agree that no attorney-client relationship is formed beyond the limited scope of this service. Any communications or information exchanged during the provision of this service are not privileged or confidential. Again, thank you and we appreciate your understanding and agreement with the stated limitations.

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    Estate Planning Florida Bullard Law Cover
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